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Water Asset Management (“WAM”), founded in 2005, a global investor in companies and assets that ensure water quality and supply.  WAM’s two distinct teams invest in global water public equities and private equity in South West US water resources and farmland. WAM is one of the first water industry focused investors and widely recognized as a thought leader.

Our Mission

WAM invests in companies and assets that ensure water quality and availability for communities, agriculture and the environment. WAM's team-oriented culture, based on integrity, innovation, and transparency, is focused on solving water problems. WAM places the interests of its investors above its own and our teams are incentivized on long-term returns.

Water Investment Opportunity

Water is essential to life, health, and the environment.

Water investments provide the opportunity to generate returns that exceed the market while simultaneously delivering measurable positive impact.

WAM’s core belief is that scarce clean water is this century’s defining resource. After decades of underspending, a capital investment super-cycle is underway to repair and expand water infrastructure and improve water supply reliability. WAM’s deep industry domain experience, fundamental analysis, active management, and valuation discipline drives our investment philosophy.

WAM’s Global Water Equity Fund was ranked #1 by Nasdaq’s eVestment for Long Term Performance vs. ESG Peers. Click here to view the award


Climate Change

Climate change is intensifying drought, flood, and wildfire at unprecedented rates threatening the viability of agriculture, businesses, and communities. The water industry is uniquely positioned to offer innovative solutions to organizations and people in need of daily sustainable water supply. The reality of climate change provides numerous problem-solving and investment opportunities for water industry stakeholders. WAM has spent the last two decades researching, investing in, and delivering creative water solutions.


Water Stewardship

It is WAM’s objective to engage deeply and responsibly as we plan for the future of local, national, and global water resources. By taking meaningful actions, our work benefits the ecosystems in which we live. WAM collaborates with water stakeholders on all levels to solve water quality and water supply problems. WAM's active participation in Colorado River water conservation programs has resulted in billions of gallons of water retained in Lake Mead during the last 4 years. WAM will continue to provide additional conserved water from these programs to further elevate water levels for years to come. WAM’s public investments provide the necessary financial resources for water companies to innovate, manufacture, and deliver their products and services to communities in need for log-term, clean, and reliable water.

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