Newsweek: What Lake Mead Needs To Get Water Levels Back Up at Drought-Hit Reservoir

January 17, 2023

Don’t let the recent torrential rains and record snowstorms mislead you: California’s drought is far from over. Lake Mead’s water levels remain dangerously below normal. Jennifer Pitt, Colorado River program director with the National Audubon Society, recently told Newsweek: "To refill the Colorado River reservoirs, we would need three average years of snowfall - without any water use."

Newsweek features multiple experts reinforcing this message in their article, “What Lake Mead Needs To Get Water Levels Back Up at Drought-Hit Reservoir.” 

While nature will always play an important role, innovative policy is also required. Organizations like Water Asset Management are working effectively right now to add more water to this critical reservoir. In fact, WAM has added five billion gallons of water via conservation programs WAM has initiated. 

If you’d like to join WAM as part of the solution, contact us today to discuss leveraging your investing power to combat climate change’s effects on our water supplies. 

Read the full article from Newsweek here.