Water Asset Management (“WAM”), founded in 2005, invests solely in companies and assets that ensure the quality and supply of water globally. WAM has been organized to take advantage of global long-term resource scarcity and the significant investment opportunities in the growing water, wastewater and water-related industries. WAM has assembled one of the most experienced teams in the water industry and is recognized as a thought leader. WAM’s investment process is focused on deep fundamental analysis, and the firm uses its in-house industry expertise as well as its access to a broad range of industry contacts within the various sub sectors of the water industry to develop unique value added insight. WAM’s philosophy is return of capital before return on capital and therefore risk management is a top area of focus across our investment vehicles.


Water Asset Management seeks to be a recognized leader in managing global water investments that solve water quality and availability issues.  The firm believes in a team oriented culture based on honesty, integrity, communication, and transparency. The firm places the interests of its investors above its own and fosters a culture that facilitates continuous improvement and individual growth. Each WAM team member is committed to all aspects of the investment process and incentivized in the long-term success of its investment funds.